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Clear Strip Wax

Clear Strip Wax

Product Details

A smooth, non-sticky, clear ’soft honey style’ wax with a hint of naturally fresh lemon for effective and gentle waxing.

Ideal for Legs, Arms, Backs, Underarms, Traditional Bikini Line 

For use in traditional wax heaters. The ideal working temperature is 75-80c

Both the wax from the tubes and the jars should run freely and be the consistency of runny honey

Our digital heater ensures consistency in heating But always check the heat before starting treatment

The ambient temperature of your waxing room will affect the temperature of all waxes… the hotter the room the cooler your wax should be and vice –versa

Glyceryl Rosinate, Colophonium,
Paraffinum Liquidum,
Parfum, Limonene.

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