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Professional Hand & Foot Care - NEW
With a professional manicure and pedicure treatment protocol called ‘Keep It Clean’, the newly designed professional foot care line ensures the highest therapeutic standards and treatment results that leave clients with beautifully, moisturised and immaculately conditioned feet and nails.

These advanced formulations are used in conjunction with other Australian Bodycare products, such as body scrub and hand cream, to exfoliate, cleanse, restore and protect even the most challenging of skincare conditions to render feet, nails and hands in optimum health and condition.

The natural antibacterial and anti fungal properties of Tea Tree Oil make it perfect for the treatment of all sorts of foot problems including; hard skin, foot corns, athlete’s foot, nail fungus, sweaty and smelly feet the perfect additional to your pedicure treatments.

Foot Cream - Naturally well-manicured and soft feet from its unique composition of natural ingredients: 10% urea, 10% shea butter and natural Australian Tea Tree Oil.

Foot Repair - Intensive foot repair with natural, Australian Tea Tree Oil, specially developed for itching, burning and redness between toes.

Heel Repair– Rich cream to repair dry and cracked heels with natural Australian Tea Tree Oil, Allantoin and Urea.

Hand Cream - A unique combination of Shea Butter, Meadowfoam seed oil, Sweet Almond oil, Berry Fruit wax and natural Australian Tea Tree Oil. Perfect for very dry and cracked hands.